Scientists told about the origin of an unusual star


Ученые рассказали о зарождении необычной звезды A star removed from our system 470 light years.

According to the astronomers, they are witnessing the birth of planets around relatively recently formed stars DM Calf. Event information was published in the “Astrophysical Journal Letters”, the authors were experts from the Japanese National astronomical Observatory.

At the moment, the far star from our planet is 470 light years. For comparison, the milky Way galaxy has a radius of 50 thousand light-years. DM Bullock, like our Sun, but three times smaller than him. Star was formed about 5 million years ago, whereas our sun is not less than 5 billion years.

Experts have long noticed a strange disk of dust around the star, indicating the beginning of the process of the birth of the planets. Several groups of scientists arguing about the size of this cloud and each side had its own computer models.

Later, astronomers have recorded the radio waves coming from the dust and carbon dioxide. These data allowed to establish that the radius of the inner ring does not exceed 4.e. (one unit is equal to the distance from earth to the star). The radius of the outer ring equals 20.e.

Astronomers are particularly puzzled by the study of the inner ring, as it was it formed the rocky planets, of course, if the theory is not false. In the outer ring managed to notice a bright spot, it indicates a local concentration of dust. Perhaps in the future there will arise a gas giant like Uranus or Neptune.


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