Scientists told about the mysterious phenomenon in Antarctica


Ученые рассказали о загадочном явлении в АнтарктидеScientists heard the “song” of ice in Antarctica.

Wind blown ice shelf in Antarctica, call it vibrations that potentially can be used to remotely monitor the status of the glaciers.

It is reported by the American geophysical Union (AGU).

Ice shelves strengthen the surrounding ice sheets on the Antarctic continent. If the ice shelves collapse, the continental ice begins to slide into the sea, raising its level. Because of global warming it happens more often, but researchers do not always have time to notice the signs of the coming destruction. In 2002, so suddenly collapsed ice shelf Larsen.

The biggest shelf in Antarctica – the Ross shelf has an area of about 500 square kilometers, slightly less than France. To avoid the fate of the Larsen shelf, the researchers found watching him with 34 seismic sensors.

These sensors allowed us to monitor fluctuations in ice shelf and to examine its structure and movement for more than two years – from late 2014 until early 2017. After analyzing these data, scientists have discovered a weird vibe – they occur when the wind blows the thick snow cover on the glacier. The coating thickness of a few meters acts as an insulating layer, protecting the ice from the heat of the sun. Because of the constant wind, the snow like sand dunes in the desert.

According to scientists, a drone that makes a glacier, is too low to be able to capture the human ear, but he can tell a lot about the state of the ice.

The researchers noticed that the height of seismic hum changes when under the influence of weather conditions of snow dunes “rebuilt” or when the temperature abruptly rises or falls. Also change the vibrations can prevent the appearance of cracks in the shelf.


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