Scientists told about the dangers of social networks to the human psyche


Ученые рассказали о вреде соцсетей для психики человекаDependent people want to keep contacts with social networks.

The expert from Binghamton University Isaac Vaghefi compiled statistics among people who visit the social network. Some go to the portals not as often as others. The reason time “surfing” was a character trait of personality. Analyze helped assistant at the University of De Paul – Hamed Kahri-Saremi.

The researchers collected questionnaires about three hundred students of the College. Document contains the construction pacifictel model of the Respondent. This model contains 5 personality traits: openness to new experiences, extraversion, neuroticism, complaisance to the task and honesty. Through questionnaires Isaac Watery came to the conclusion that the last three qualities are conducive to addiction.

Neuroticism – the highest degree of stress. Are bad moments in life, but compensate for everyday experiences using journey in social networks. Honesty, on the contrary, reduce the level of dependence. Such a person is constantly trying to finish all the works till the end. However, if a person suffers from neuroticism, then, the situation has changed with the use of social networks.

Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that individuals who have a great will power to bring the case to the end, under the control of the stress can easily go to your favorite websites and spend all of your time. Researchers were also surprised by the fact that complaisance together with honesty increased addiction to Internet portals.

Isaac called this interesting paradox “conscious relationship”. Scientist noted that people have the honesty and docility of consciously translate the communication in the virtual world.


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