Scientists told about the dangers of fast food for the brain


Regular meals at fast food restaurants may adversely affect brain function.

Scientists from the Australian national University said that regular consumption of fast food, including burgers, can adversely affect the brain, reports the online edition of the with reference to

Scientists have analysed the results of 200 studies, which were attended by about seven thousand people. As a result, they were able to find “convincing evidence” that an unhealthy diet and physical inactivity lead to the development of type II diabetes and cognitive impairment causing dementia and brain atrophy.

It is noted that a standard set of Burger, fries and a sweet drink contains 650 calories, that is, a quarter of the daily value for men and third for women. In addition, at the moment, people consumed much more calories per day than 50 years ago.

The researchers also point out that the damage to the brain, it becomes virtually irreversible in middle age. Recommendations aimed at reducing the risk of developing dementia in people over 60 years old, is practically useless. So they call to start a healthy lifestyle as early as possible.

According to scientists, about 30% of the world adult population are overweight or obese, and 10% will suffer from diabetes by 2030.


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