Scientists told about the dangers of dairy products


Ученые рассказали о вреде молочных продуктов The beneficial properties of such products are often exaggerated.

Scientists have long argue about the usefulness of dairy products, finding them harmful and quality is important for health. Despite the fact that the nutrients in milk cannot be 100% replaced in the diet, it can harm the health.

British scientists have proved that the number of bone fractures among the population is reduced in countries where almost no milk. The researchers note that calcium can protect the bones from fractures, and more effective with this helps vitamin D.

Doctors also note the danger of cheese for health because it is a saturated fat, use of which leads to clogged arteries and increased cholesterol levels.

Nutritionists call cheese a perfect environment for the development of Escherichia coli. Adult individual is recommended to consume this product at most 4 times a week. It is also worth remembering that the cheese is full of protein, but too high a dose can cause kidney problems.


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