Scientists: the Rejection of fast food cause the break-up


Ученые: Отказ от фаст-фуда вызывает ломку

The withdrawal syndrome that occurs in people who are trying to refuse eating fast food similar to brittle, which appears from the drug, told employees of the University of Michigan.

A new experiment showed that the rejection of fast food leads to depression and chronic fatigue, say us scientists.

“All these unpleasant symptoms are observed a few days, and then disappear quickly, so in these early days it is especially important to control myself and not pounce on junk food” — passed the authors.

About the associated with the rejection of fast food “syndrome” experts said almost all of the respondents participating in the experiment. The participants were told. they have been frustrated, depressed, appear irritability and even anger. But after five days, the symptoms were considerably weakened.


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