Scientists: the Human body is 99.9% of the voids


Ученые: Человеческое тело на 99,9% состоит из пустотыThis statement logically, if you imagine that atoms themselves are also on a specified percentage composed of empty space.

Research scientists proved that the human being is 99.9% empty space.

If you believe this information, one can imagine that all beings, bodies and objects in the universe – almost intangible.

Such arguments seem quite logical, if you know that all atoms are 99.9% composed of empty space. The atom is the nucleus consisting of protons and neutrons, and electrons that are so microscopic that is in the amount of less than 0.1% of the volume of the atom. Man, like any other organism or physical body is composed of atoms. If you take this into consideration, we can understand the thoughts of scientists. In fact, people are empty. Yes, he can’t walk through walls because of the connections between atoms, the walls and himself, and the man’s eyes also see the world whole, and its separate elements. But even this structure of all things does not negate the fact that almost everything around is ordinary emptiness.

This theory is very logical fit into the concept of what mankind knows, but most researchers disagree with this conclusion. They believe that everything can not consist of emptiness. A more likely fact is that these scientists believe the presence of invisible matter, which connects particles of the atom and fills the entire space between the nucleus and the electrons. Moreover, some studies show certain fluctuations in the energy in the structure of the atom that is knocked out of the picture and hint at the existence of such matter. This is the theory at the moment is official.


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