Scientists spoke about the unique planet of the Solar system


Ученые рассказали об уникальной планете Солнечной системыIt will soon kill all life on Earth.

A team of astronomers reported that it was possible to set the location of the elusive deadly planet called Nibiru, which according to some experts, should soon put an end to all life on Earth.

The Network surfaced assumptions about Nibiru – the mysterious planet doom to doom all of humanity. Astronomers, representing Caltech, located in Pasadena, has managed to calculate the size of Nibiru. It turned out that the mysterious planet is a murderer ten times larger than Earth in size, which only confirms the danger. The size and location of the planet, scientists were able to learn through the research of celestial bodies located in the Kuiper belt.

According to experts, they noticed that in the area of the Kuiper belt orbits of some planets and other heavenly bodies turned up some distortion that could be caused by the influence of the huge object affect its force of gravity. All calculations of experts show that the Solar system still has nine planets.


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