Scientists spoke about the benefit of exercising on an empty stomach


Ученые рассказали о пользе тренировок на голодный желудок These classes promote weight loss.

Many people think that for sports they need fuel, which they load themselves with food.

However, it is the gym on an empty stomach gives the most outstanding results in the fight against obesity, and experts from the UK explained the reason.

During the day people are constantly moving from the phase of starvation during the saturation phase. The last phase lasts approximately 4 to 6 hours after ingestion, and during this period the body produces insulin to reduce blood sugar, protein and fat, which are absorbed by the digestive system.

Phrase hunger occurs within 6 hours. At this point, the body secretes glucagon to maintain blood sugar levels, and the body begins to break down adipose fatty tissue, transforming it into free fatty acids, which subsequently are converted into a form of energy, known as ketone bodies.

In other words, the person begins to burn fat to convert it into energy. Once you start eating, this process immediately suspended. Now insulin inhibits the breakdown of fatty acids that causes the body to burn the sugar that you consume. The phrase fat burning is over. If you think about it deeper, all will become obvious evolutionary sense.

When our descendants the food was not in the direct availability constantly, as it is today, saving the fat reserves in the body was critical to survival. Because of this evolutionary advantage and we survived.

Most people today receives a steady supply of food, but our bodies physiologically is still work exactly the same as tens of thousands of years ago. Studies show that the outbreaks of aerobic exercise on an empty stomach compared to training on a full stomach give far more outstanding results in the fight against excess weight, allowing you to burn 30% more fat.


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