Scientists shocked the world with news about the imminent end of the world


Ученые шокировали мир новостью о скором конце светаAccording to the latest data, at the end of 2017 will be end of the world.

But astronomers and ufologists have reported 5 cases where the Ground can destroy an asteroid or alien invasion, all of which will happen before the end of 2017.

Astronomer David Mead argues that the world would end on October 21. He is confident that planet X, or as it is called Nibiru will appear in people’s sight before the collision with the Ground. The astronomers compared the data of the Bible and of the movement of asteroids and came to the conclusion that another end of the world may occur on 5 October. On this day the Sun will occur strong magnetic flash, and mankind can not withstand such pressure.

Conspiracy theorists about the end of the world also claim of the death of the world’s population in mid-November. Then the Earth will close a huge asteroid, capable of destroying the United States. in addition, Armageddon will happen in mid-December. If at that time people will survive, they are faced with hundreds of giant UFO.

Moreover, scientists do not know what is in those facilities. If it’s the alien ships that earthlings expects an invasion, which may end in defeat, say the ufologists.


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