Scientists: sex “for one night” is beneficial for health


Ученые: секс «на одну ночь» благотворно влияет на здоровьеThe study involved 372 student of American colleges.

Scientists from Cornell and new York universiteto about the use of “sex for one night” to health.

According to the results of their research, the kind of sex gets rid of stress, depression and increase self-esteem.

The study involved 372 students, which should keep a diary for three months on their intimate relationships and the emotions after sex. It turned out that most of the participants of the experiment after the “one night sex” felt a sense of happiness and satisfaction at the maximum level. Moreover, the kind of sex would bring more satisfaction to both partners, and none of the participants experienced feelings of guilt or resentment from casual relationships.

The majority of respondents said that before intimacy not thought about any relationship with this partner in the future or about consequences. Experts suggest that “sex” acts as a kind of discharge which allows to throw out the accumulated emotions, to relax and distract from problems.


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