Scientists sent the original signal to the aliens


Ученые отправили оригинальный сигнал инопланетянам The answer of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, astronomers are expected not earlier than in a quarter of a century.

Astronomers from the SETI project is Active sent the signal about the presence of intelligent life on Earth in the direction of a potentially habitable planet GJ 273b in the constellation of the Small Dog, remote from our planet 12 light-years.

“This is the first example of what we may have to make hundreds, thousands, or even millions of times before we receive a response. For me, the biggest success will be if after 25 years someone will remember about our initiative and will monitor the response signal. If this happens, then we will forever change the approaches that are used today for the search for extraterrestrial life,” said Doug Vakoch (Dough Vakoch), President of programs Active SETI.

For more than half a century astronomers from the Institute of search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI in the United States and their colleagues around the world are trying to find life beyond Earth, listening to the radio signals coming from different corners of the galaxy. While reasonable or unreasonable life could not be found, but this task, according to representatives of NASA and SETI, can be solved very soon – in the next 10-20 years.

For all 56 years of work, astronomers SETI has failed to find definitive traces of extraterrestrial civilizations with one small and controversial exception.

This role claim so-called “Wow signal!”, caught by radio telescope “Big ear” in 1977. In later years astronomers were unable to re-find the source of this signal in the constellation Sagittarius, which forced scientists to consider it a reflection of radio waves from the Earth by pieces of space garbage.

Constant failures in this direction have prompted Vakoch, one of the participants in SETI, to try to solve this problem “by contradiction” and to organize a project of METI or Active SETI.

Within its framework, the researchers plan to prepare and send into space a special message about where is the Land that constitutes the people and how you can reach us, guided by the stars and other objects in our Galaxy.

Similar signals were sent into space over the past half century in the direction of different stars and galaxies, but Vakoc and his associates propose to carry out similar sessions systematically, directing a powerful radio antenna in the world in the direction of nearby stars, near which was found a potentially habitable exoplanets.

On the one hand, this idea attracted many supporters both among scientists and citizens, and on the other it was criticised by many eminent astronomers, astrobiologists and cosmologists such as Stephen Hawking and Steven dick.

Some scientists believe that it’s just a useless idea, and Hawking and his supporters believe that establishing communication with other civilization will end in disaster for humanity.

However, the criticism did not prevent Vakoch and his associates to send signals into space.

As reported, recently, scientists and a number of musicians, as well as other representatives of the art world produced a signal for the potential inhabitants of the planet GJ 273b, one of the closest “neighbors” of the Earth, and sent him into space in late October of 2017 with the help of radiomarelli EISCAT in tromsø, Norway.

Sending a powerful signal to the planet, as noted Vakoch is a totally safe thing from the point of view of “planetary defense”, as radio and television broadcasts from Earth had to achieve it decades ago.

“It is extremely difficult to imagine a highly developed civilization on GJ 273b, which will be able to reach the Ground and grab it, but don’t catch our old radio signals and will not know of our existence,” — said the scientist.

In addition to data about the Earth and other planets of the Solar system, this signal includes a special math “tutorial music” and three dozen short audio recordings prepared by the musicians-participants of the METI.

In April 2018, scientists plan to send an extended version of this message in the direction GJ 273b using multiple radio frequencies.

Earlier it was reported that 15 thousand scientists wrote a letter about the terrible threats to humanity.

They offer humanity to switch to renewable energy, to establish control over birth rate, it is reasonable to consume resources and to protect nature, to eat more plant foods and to stop chasing wealth.


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