Scientists say that the Browning of the toast makes the air toxic


Ученые утверждают, что поджаривание тостов делает воздух токсичнымScientists from the University of Colorado warn that the roasting of bread in the toaster can subject a person to the same toxins as if he was standing near a busy road.

To come to these conclusions, experts evaluated the levels of air pollution in the house of about 110 square meters, equipped with sensors.

The experiment showed, that the broiling in the toaster two pieces of bread to the level of air pollution becomes twice larger than in large Metropolitan areas, and three times the safety limit set by the world health organization.

In this case, when a longer cooking time (especially if the bread burns), air pollution becomes even more pronounced and dangerous that may cause problems with the lungs and the cardiovascular system. This effect is due not only to the Browning of the bread, but the presence at the bottom of the toaster bread crumbs.

Experts advise people who still can’t do Breakfast without the toast, open the Windows and turn on ventilation during cooking, to reduce the concentration of toxic particles in the air. In addition, it is important not to overcook the slices of bread – it is best if they will have a light Golden color.


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