Scientists said on the unexpected discovery on the moon


Ученые заявили о неожиданной находке на ЛунеIt turns out that water on Earth more than previously thought.

A new study by scientists from the Technical University of Dortmund (Germany) shows that the surface of the moon more water than scientists previously thought.

This new finding supports the idea that the lunar mantle is amazingly rich in water, which can facilitate the colonization of the moon people in the future.
Scientists from Dortmund University have used the method of light reflection from the surface of the moon. The method showed that water is present on the entire surface of the moon at any time of the day. Photo – water map of the moon after noon and in the afternoon.

“Possible sources of water are, inter alia, hydrated minerals or reservoir at great depth, said the study’s lead author Professor Christian Wohler.

Earlier this year Professor Stephen Hawking has said that humanity can arrange a settlement on the moon within 30 years.
But one of the biggest challenges for any human settlement is the difficulty of transporting large amounts of water from the Ground.

A study conducted in July of 2017, showed that the volcanic deposits scattered across the moon’s surface, contain an unusually large number of water supplies.

While Dr. James Day, a geochemist from the SCRIPPS institution of Oceanography, previously reported: the Moon, which was formed by collision with another heavenly body, cannot contain the water.

Many researchers believe the Moon formed after Earth was struck by a planet the size of Mars billions of years ago. This is called the giant impact hypothesis.

Hypothesis States that the Moon is the debris left after the indirect collision of our planet with an astronomical body, Theia, about 4.5 billion years ago.

Perhaps the collision caused a huge cloud of debris, which is thoroughly mixed with the elements of Earth, and then condensed to form the moon.

However, the new results may cast doubt on the most widespread theory of the formation of the moon and give hope that this planet contains water.


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