Scientists “resurrect” the Neanderthal brain


Ученые "воскресят" мозг неандертальцевNeanderthals were able to speak and not inferior to the CRO-magnons.

Leading paleogenetic world will create in the coming months, a miniature likeness of the Neanderthal brain, using stem cells from partially “Neanderthal” DNA, according to British newspaper the Guardian.

“We plan to check whether there are some fundamental differences in how the neurons of the Neanderthals and humans. If they exist, we will be able to uncover the roots of those unique traits of Homo sapiens, which helped our ancestors to win,” said Svante Paabo from Institute of evolutionary anthropology in Leipzig (Germany).

“Resurrection” and the Neanderthal genome project, conducted by Svante Paabo and his team in 2009, showed that Neanderthals had contact with our ancestors and left in our DNA approximately 2-4% of their genes. Of these genes, as shown by further research, has helped the CRO-magnons to adapt to life in the North, giving them a powerful immune system and other beneficial features.

Subsequently paleogenetic restored and deciphered more samples of Neanderthal DNA that showed that the population of Homo neanderthalensis was extremely small. This has led many anthropologists to believe that “the natives” of Europe, could not die out due to conflicts with the CRO-magnons, and because of the degeneration and the loss of ability to adapt to new environmental conditions.

In recent years, was made a number of discoveries, which showed that the Neanderthals were probably able to speak and not inferior to the CRO-magnons in the ability to produce stone axes, spears and bone tools, which has led many anthropologists to doubt that the former aborigines of Europe died because of a less developed intellect and social skills.


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