Scientists reported about the catastrophic climate shift


Ученые сообщили о катастрофическом сдвиге климатаExperts say that already the current generation will feel a serious change in weather conditions.

They noted in particular that the weather will change in North America – the conditions there are such as now in the southern regions.

On the whole, the climate characteristic of southern regions, will move to 800 kilometers to the North.

The study is based on analysis of data for 540 urban areas of the United States with a population of about 250 million people. In work was taken into account, the minimum annual temperature, precipitation, etc.

They also took into consideration two possible scenarios. One is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris agreement, the other – if all remains the same.

Eventually managed to establish that, even with the best efforts of humanity, the climate in the near future the world will be materially different from current.

However, under the most unfavorable course of events in new York and Boston awaiting the climate is humid subtropical.


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