Scientists recognize the benefits of cat purring


Ученые признали пользу кошачьего мурлыканья These sounds are beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

Researchers from the UK recommend people to have cats. Cardiologists say that heart and blood vessels is very useful to them purr.

According to British scientists, cats can extend the life of men. Experts conducted a study for example, more than 10 thousand people aged 40 to 85 years. It turned out that living with people with Pets have a beneficial effect on health. More useful was the cat.

It turned out that the owners of cats at 18-20% less likely to have any stroke and myocardial infarction, compared with those who have no Pets.

Scientific discoveries prove that proglazhivanie cats lowers blood pressure and psychological stress. It occurs due to removal of static electricity, which relaxes blood vessels and protects against the emergence of spasms, –says the doctor-the cardiologist Tamara Ogieva.

Cats purring is a sound vibrations frequency from 20 to 50 Hertz. They affect the pleasure center in the brain that triggers the production of “hormone of happiness”.

It turns out that cats relieve stress, maintain vascular tone and your purring stimulate the autonomic nervous system. When sounds of this frequency accelerates the recovery of damaged muscle comes back to normal cardiac rhythm and treat bone fractures.


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