Scientists predicted Millennials are predicted poverty and a quick death


The Millennials are waiting for the 40% increase in mortality compared to generation X.

The members of the millennial generation, born in the years 1981-1996, you lose health faster than the previous generation X (born 1961-1981 years), and the mortality among them is 40% higher.

It is noted that the main problems the representatives of this generation – hypertension, high cholesterol, severe depression, and a large percentage of suicides and deaths from overdoses.

According to the forecasts of economists, the poor health of millenials in the coming years will lead to increased health care costs. It is projected that their treatment will cost more than the treatment of previous generations at comparable ages and will cost US about 4.5 thousand dollars.

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In addition, Millennials due to health problems can not work effectively. But many members of generation 1981-1996 years because of illnesses, face unemployment.


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