Scientists named the most harmful products for humans


Ученые назвали самый вредный продукт для человекаSugar, it turns out, has a huge negative value to the human body.

Sugar – the most sinister product, which should be abandoned in the first place when many health problems. But this is the same product, which is the hardest to give up, whatever the danger to health nor threatened.

Only sugar has an average of 200 of our daily calories. And we almost don’t notice it, because sugar is not only two tablespoons in my coffee every morning.

Sugar is the yogurt, most of the sauces and even salads!

But one has only to think about the impact this product has on our body as a complete rejection of it does not seem so difficult.

Metamorphosis that are waiting for us in the “unsweetened life” is truly amazing.

Your heart is beating evenly

These words should be understood quite literally, because the sugar causes an increase in the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

That is without the daily surplus of sugar insulin level in your blood will increase and activates the sympathetic nervous system.

This, in turn, will cause the alignment of arterial blood pressure and heart rate.

And after a few weeks in the blood can be replaced by lowering cholesterol by 10% and reducing the number of triglycerides to 30%.

You can throw acne cream

One of the reasons that causes acne, is a chronic inflammation. But sugar is a real trigger for inflammatory processes.

Daily increased consumption of sugar only a couple of tablespoons can cause an increase in the intensity of inflammation by 87% in three weeks.

So abandoning the daily bottle of Cola, you can save on the stake, and masking the skin.

You say goodbye to the prospect of diabetes

Eating sugar promotes the accumulation of fatty deposits around the liver. And this creates the perfect environment for the development of insulin resistance.

In short, your pancreas will not say thank you for such a development. And the foregoing fat – is the brainchild of “sugar” calories.

If you get the same amount of energy from protein, then this effect will not, and will not Rosaviatsia diabetes.

You will gain a confident smile

Moreover, it concerns not only the health of your teeth, which, of course, suffer from an excess of sugar. Actually we are talking about deeper processes.

We all used to think that sugar improves mood and quickly energizes. But the fact is that when it ends, energy level and mood immediately fall below the initial level.

The study showed that women who adhere to a diet with a sufficient content of sugars, tend to experience greater anxiety than those who excluded this product from the diet.

You will sleep

In this case you will not need to sleep more, just leave a feeling of sleepiness that accompanies every day those who abuse sugar.

The blood with the hormone cortisol, which saves your energy. Thus, the rejection of sugar will add productivity to your daily work.

You will remember everything

That sugar is to blame for the deterioration of memory as evidenced by research at the University of California.

Besides, excessive consumption of this product may affect your ability to learn. It will gradually deteriorate, if not to regulate the daily consumption of sugar.

Effect on the brain as a whole is pretty disastrous, because sugar inhibits communication between cells.

You finally lost ten pounds

Abandoning the sugar, you get a wonderful side effect – will inevitably reduce the total amount of calories consumed per day.

Simple math says the following: abandoning of sugar, you will consume 200 calories less per day, and it will help to throw about 4.5 pounds in 5-6 months. Not a bad result.


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