Scientists named the most harmful and useful shoes


Ученые назвали самую вредную и полезную обувь

An interesting statement was made by researchers from the Harvard.

Harvard scientists have conducted extensive research and found that shoes heels is the worst for human health. Experts recommend often to go on vacation barefoot to improve the work of the muscles of the legs, writes The Independent.

One of the authors of the study Daniel Lieberman found that the shock absorbers and airbags in the popular models of shoes, including sneakers, is actually harmful to the health of the feet. This is because the dampers that were supposed to provide customers with comfort and strength during walk, in fact, make them weak and more vulnerable to various injuries.

“When you walk in the shoes, your muscles work worse than when you walk barefoot. Soft boots allow your feet regularly “train”, resulting in increased risk of injuries and health problems of the feet,” added Lieberman.

According to him, in addition to the inconvenience of high heels can completely change the structure of the muscles and lead to serious problems in the future. Also from the “heels” can be deformed human foot.

In the end, the expert advises to all women and men, especially in the summer, wear summer flat sandals that can best mimic bare feet, and often change different models of shoes to give the leg muscles to relax.


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