Scientists named the easiest way to lose weight


Ученые назвали самый простой способ похуденияBecame known as possible to lose weight while sleeping.

Scientists have found another way that will help people lose weight and then keep yourself in shape.

Researchers have described the effect of temperature acclimation on energy balance and metabolism of substrates in a prospective crossovered the study, which lasted 4 months and consisted of four consecutive blocks of 1-month acclimatization during the night.

They found that people who slept in rooms with a temperature of 18.8 degrees, burned 7% more calories than those who slept in rooms with higher temperature. In addition, the cool temperature can protect from metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

The study’s authors believe that the colder the room the body has to work harder to raise the temperature to the normal of 36.6 degrees. This extra work means that a person burns more calories, even when sleeping.

Weight loss is not the only benefit of sleep in a cool room. According to studies, when a person sleeps at lower temperatures, its body releases more melatonin – the hormone that prevents aging.


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