Scientists made an unexpected discovery about rats


Ученые сделали неожиданное открытие о крысахScientists said that the rats see the fears in your sleep

Scientists from the University have determined that the rat is experiencing in the dream, the same emotions from fear, which was real. Thanks this will be the explanation for the dreams of those people who experienced terrible events.

The staff of the research University in new York found that rats can experience in a dream, the same emotions that they experienced in real life. Scientists have conducted an experiment, according to which close to two rats burst the balloon, with the result that they were scared. The study showed that the rodents experienced fear during sleep. By the way, rats who came to the place of destruction of the ball, slowed movement, and were extremely neat.

As it turns out, the rodents keep the emotions experienced in the two curved structures of the brain — hippocampi. Depending on memories, different groups of neurons in the brain process the information that is available to them in a dream. Specifies that the process retains memories into long-term memory.

This study will help scientists find the cause of the nightmares and to identify the degree of dependence on real events.


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