Scientists made a serious statement about the magnetic poles of the Earth


Ученые сделали серьезное заявление о магнитных полюсах ЗемлиMagnetic poles of the Earth may soon turn

Over the past 200 years the Earth’s magnetic field has weakened by 15 percent, it can be a symptom of an emergency the geomagnetic reversals and the consequent disasters. Scientists announced a possible imminent revolution of the magnetic poles of the Earth, and the consequent disasters.

Geophysicist Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado at boulder noted that over the past 200 years the planet’s magnetic field has weakened by 15 percent, it can be a sign of the imminent geomagnetic inversion. In this case, some areas of Earth will be almost completely uninhabitable.

Geophysicist Richard Hill of the University of Liverpool (United Kingdom) said that the overturn of the poles will trigger mass failures in the electrical systems across the planet.

According to scientists, the inversion of poles, carried out for thousands of years and leads to a short sharp weakening of Earth’s magnetic field. As a result of harmful to living organisms cosmic radiation reaches the planet’s surface.

Some scientists believe that geomagnetic inversion is random and not periodic, nature.


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