Scientists: it is better to eat Dessert before dinner


Учёные: Десерт лучше есть перед обедом

If you eat dessert before dinner, not after it, then the person will be able to minimize all the chances to gain weight, talk to experts from the United States.

American researchers believe that the dessert is best consumed before the main meal, but the rule of “first lunch then sweet” is no longer working. This has been proven through a unique experiment involving respondents.

The volunteers were divided into two groups. First ate cheesecake before lunch and the other after the meal.

Eventually managed to establish that people who ate cheesecake before the main meal, had significantly less chances to gain weight.

As it turned out, if a person eats a moderate (note the word moderate) amount of sweet before lunch, he uses far fewer calories for the entire day as a whole.

“To kill an appetite is a good than harm to the body, as a result of a person eats much less calories and less suffering from obesity. We advise you to eat dessert before dinner and not to listen to those who you will argue,” concluded the researchers.


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