Scientists have warned of the danger of melting of a huge iceberg


Ученые предупредили об опасности таяния огромного айсбергаA gigantic fragment has broken away from a glacier in Antarctica Larsen last year.

Scientists told about the danger of melting the mega-iceberg. Although the melting of the ice of this particular chip, as the scientists told, will raise the global sea level of only a few millimeters, the process of ice melting on a global scale is fraught with danger for people and the planet as a whole.

Global warming, caused by a dome of greenhouse gases that retain heat, cause serious environmental problems. In the result the climate is changing the planet and greatly accelerated the melting of glaciers.

90% of the ice cover of the Earth is concentrated in Antarctica. The area of glaciers on the mainland is more than 14 million square kilometers. Over the past half century the rate of ice melting has increased significantly. It is so great that after a few years on Greenland may not remain the glaciers. Complete melting of the Greenland ice will lead to a rise in global sea level by 6 meters. It is clear that this rise of water would be disastrous for many coastal communities.

Another pessimistic forecast of scientists: as a result of release of tectonic plates from the huge mass of glaciers those plates could start to shift. If these forecasts come true, the melting of glaciers can trigger the occurrence of the second “ring of fire” of volcanoes on the planet. Only this time, the centers of eruptions will be relatively safe for us, Pacific and European coasts.

In Antarctica, too, the situation is alarming. Ice on the mainland the rate of ice melting is also increasing, glaciers are formed instead of a whole glacial lake. If the current rate of melting of Antarctic ice, all the ice of Antarctica might melt away after a few decades. This will lead to the rise of the water level in the oceans by 60 meters. Will be flooded dozens of coastal cities, including European and American capitals. Global climate change will lead to a sharp increase in the number of natural disasters – hurricanes, tsunamis and floods. The repeated efforts of the various epidemics that will kill millions of people.


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