Scientists have unveiled the phenomenal data about the death


Ученые рассекретили феноменальные данные о смертиExperts have found out what happens to the human soul after death.

Of course, the assumption was always about the human soul, but now it became clear that people after death can hear and understand what is happening around them.

It is important to understand that any death occurs when one of the two or in the presence of two conditions: either the heart stops functioning, or brain.

Ученые рассекретили феноменальные данные о смерти

Scientists at new York University found that a person after death can feel the smells, hear the words and even see the world through their eyes.

This discovery explains the phenomenon associated with the vision of the world during clinical death. Today, there are a great number of cases in the history of medicine, when people talked about their feelings while staying in a state between life and death.

Ученые рассекретили феноменальные данные о смерти

The heart and brain are two on that work throughout life. They are linked, but the feeling of available after the death of the brain is the reason that some time transmits information from nerve endings to the mind.

The human soul is invisible, however, scientists were able to prove its presence. The fact that at death one loses for some reason 21 grams of its weight, and this happens always and under all circumstances.


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