Scientists have unraveled the secret of cosmic dust


Ученые разгадали главный секрет космической пылиThis helped the meteorite.

The secret of the emergence of cosmic dust revealed by conventional meteorite. Scientists have done chemical analysis of the composition of the asteroid and come to final conclusions.

According to the scientific works of scientists, space dust appears after the explosion of a star, but this process does not occur immediately. For two years after the incident, the detonation of the cosmic body, tumors are deposited on the surface of asteroids in a deposition, which is the birth of cosmic dust.

The accumulation of particles was observed by scientists and in the nebula around the exploded star. The more information you receive on cosmic dust, the better researchers are studying the history of the Solar system.

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In recent time, astronomers are conducting more studies of unexplored phenomena in space that allows you to make useful discoveries for the society.


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