Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the “screaming mummy»


Учёные разгадали тайну «кричащей мумии»The exact location of the discovery of the mummy is called the valley of the kings.

British scientists were able to perform the mystery of the “screaming mummy” during the agony. Edition of the Sun on February 11 published an article about this.

In 1886 mummified body found the Frenchman Gaston Maspero, who was an Egyptologist. Called the mummy “Person E”, which is the best option. Approximately 500 km South of Cairo was located find.

Next to “Man E” were representatives of the Royal family. Unlike other mummies, the remains discovered there were no decorations. The study found that the body was covered in sheepskin, and a similar animal in Egypt was considered dirty, unclean. Experts were intrigued by its frozen pose. “Person E” died like he was screaming in pain and suffering.

Experts found out the cause of this death. Dr. Bob Briere from new York University long island said that “Man E” acted at once the two forces. One wanted to kill him, the second, Vice versa, to save his life. Zahi Hawass, who is a doctor of the Supreme Council of antiquities Egyptian culture believed that the mummy was a Prince who had disgraced his family. Therefore, “Person E” buried next to all, but only to distinguish wrapped in sheep’s clothing. Also, experts believe the deceased man was not the afterlife.

Archaeologists tend to the version that “Man E” is the son of Ramses III, Prince Pentewere. The Prince was suspected of killing his father, so the man was wrapped in unclean animal. In the ancient documents of the XII century it is written that one of the wives of Ramses was in a conspiracy against the Pharaoh and wanted the throne went to Pentewere. Scientists suggest that the plan was uncovered and the Prince immediately executed with the help of mummification. The face of pity and of pain suggests that the man acted poison.


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