Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the ancient figure of the Indians


Ученые разгадали тайну древнего рисунка индейцевIn the ancient pattern of the Indians was depicted a solar Eclipse.

In Chaco canyon, new Mexico, drawing from thousands of years ago, created by Indians, depicts a solar Eclipse.

The scientific staff of the University of Colorado in boulder, USA, suggest that Indians with petroglyphs painted a total solar Eclipse. This is another hypothesis of deciphering the petroglyphs. The figure of the circle, according to the researchers, similar to the Sun with the external atmosphere. A loop surrounded the circle, could become a symbol of the emission of a coronal solar mass.

This image is one of the astrophysicists was compared with the picture of the German astronomer depicting a total Eclipse of 1860. The Indians could draw a full solar Eclipse that occurred on July 11, 1097.

The Chaco canyon research staff found other images, which are assumed to describe astronomical phenomena. For example, a pattern reminiscent of the explosion of a supernova in 1054. Scientists believe that the explosion was very bright, in this case, the Indians could see the star even in the daytime. Another image perhaps captured Halley’s comet seen in the year 1066. Also found the drawing of the winter solstice. All of this suggests that the Indians did their astronomical observations.


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