Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the dark side of the moon


On the bright side more craters, as well as uranium and thorium.

The far side of the moon differs significantly from that which can be observed from Earth. On the bright side of the moon is much more craters than in the dark, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

An international group of scientists found that at the moon’s surface — uneven distribution of substances in group KREEP. To KREEP scientists date rocks enriched in potassium and group elements REE (cerium, erbium, europium and others) and phosphorus (P).

Thus, the KREEP elements were dissolved, and arising from radioactive decay heat melted solid rock on a celestial body. Because of this, on the surface of the moon were formed deep craters.

However, the elements are distributed unevenly and craters on the light side companion more than in the dark.

Also, experts have determined that on the bright side of the moon more uranium and thorium, however, they hardly meet her dark side.

“Understanding the origin of local objects on the moon will help to explain the details of formation of natural satellite and the conditions of life on the Earth during this process”, — scientists believe.


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