Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the civilization of Easter island


Ученые раскрыли тайну цивилизации острова ПасхиThe natives of Easter island were extracted fresh water from the ocean.

American scientists announced that they managed to solve the mystery of how the inhabitants of Easter island obtained their water. According to researchers, the aborigines of the island learned to extract fresh water from the ocean, according to the website of the University of Binghamton.

In the study, researchers measured the salinity in the coastal waters of the ocean in order to understand whether it was low enough to the island’s residents could use the water. In the result, it was found that during high tides the flow of fresh water went into the sea and these sources are the islanders could use to obtain drinking water.

“Groundwater down the slope to the ocean. During high tides the flow of fresh water goes directly into the sea. As a result, people could use these sources to collect suitable for drinking water,” said lead study author Carl Lipo.


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