Scientists have shown impressive, the light echo from the supernova explosion


Ученые показали впечатляющий снимок светового эха от взрыва сверхновой Supernova was opened in 2014.

Scientists using the Hubble telescope managed to get the light echoes from supernova SN 2014J, which is located in the galaxy M82.

As the researchers note, in the picture of the supernova is marked with an “X”. It was opened on 31 January 2014.

Image on a dark background are snapshots of the propagation of light from the explosion, the so-called “light echo”. Pictures were taken during two years (from 6 November 2014 to 12 October 2016). The first image is obtained after approximately 10 months after the explosion.

SN 2014J is a supernova class Ia, its explosion was the closest to the Solar system in a similar event over the last few decades.


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