Scientists have revealed the secret origin of the moon


The theory of its formation implies strong collision of the earth with the Moon.

The University of new Mexico denied the popular theory of the origin of the moon, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Scientists conducted high-precision measurements of isotopic composition of rocks from different samples from the moon. Were investigated basalts, anorthosites, norite and volcanic glass.

It turned out that the Earth and its moon differ significantly in the composition of the isotopes. Their composition varies depending on the type of rock. And the composition of oxygen isotopes from the deep lunar mantle was very different from the composition of oxygen isotopes on Earth.

This refutes the hypothesis of the occurrence of the satellite due to the collision of Earth with another planet Theia. New data suggests that this clash was not so strong.

Theia formed at a greater distance from the Sun than Earth. Its rocks are partly preserved in the deep bowels of the moon. This indicates that the model of strong collisions can be wrong.


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