Scientists have revealed the secret of the Indian centenarians


Ученые раскрыли секрет индийских долгожителей The experiment was conducted on insects.

Can the probiotics together with the old Indian medicine can help to live to be 100? Scientists say that this combination has the potential to increase life expectancy.

Probiotics and one of traditional Indian herbal drugs can give a person longevity, as found by canadian scientists. When this combination got flies, fruit flies, their life span increased by 60%, while insects have received protection from age-related diseases.

In humans, this would amount to the equivalent of 128 years of life, if you start from the average life expectancy of 80 years. The oldest man on Earth with a documented lifespan is the Frenchwoman Jeanne calment, who lived to 122 years.

Although experiments so far, the flies, the canadian scientists believe that their results should be observed in humans, although not with such amazing records. Flies, fruit flies, often used in scientific experiments, share almost two-thirds of the same biochemical signaling pathways with people.

In the experiment, the flies received the combination of probiotics with a dietary Supplement rich in polyphenols, herbal preparation triphala. Feeding the combination of insects have lived up to 66 days, which is 26 days longer than flies from the control group.

Also, this combination helped to reduce the signs of aging like a increasing insulin resistance, inflammation and oxidative stress. Note that this is another scientific study that emphasizes the importance of intestinal bacteria in the formation of lasting health.


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