Scientists have reproduced the appearance of Nefertiti


What was the Queen of Ancient Egypt.

The mummy, discovered in the valley of the Kings, scientists have identified as the mother of Tutankhamun — Nefertiti, which at the time of death was 29-38 years, reports the with reference to Clutch.

Found the mummy was bald — it was done on purpose, because at that time rich women and men wore wigs. And in the lobe of the left ear remained two earrings, which are depicted on the surviving portraits of Nefertiti. Later was found the mummy’s hand, in which lay the scepter — symbol of power in Ancient Egypt.

The appearance of the Queen was reproduced using 3D scanning. The work was carried out at the University of Bristol (University of Bristol) under the direction of Egyptologist Aidan Dodson (Dr Aidan Dodson). The bust itself was made by paleobotanical Elizabeth Danes (paleoartist Elisabeth Daynes).

Nefertiti, which literally means “Future beauty” or “Beautiful one has come”, lived approximately 3300 years ago. According to historians, she was the wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, and thus was stepmother of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, and maybe to its mother.


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