Scientists have recorded the rotation of black holes


Ученые зафиксировали вращение черных дырFor the first time astronomers were able to see traces of the movement of the pair overmassive black holes around each other.

It happened during the observations of the galactic center cluster 4C +37.11 in the constellation of Perseus. For the study, researchers used several powerful radio telescopes in the world.

“This is the first couple so close against each other black holes. The interesting thing is that they remain separate objects. Us should continue its supervision in order to fully establish their orbits and the total mass. For the first time in history we can study how the interaction of such an enormous object,” — said Gregory Taylor.

The scientist says that they attracted the attention of a fairly typical spiral galaxy of type 4C +37.11, which is removed from the Earth some 750 million light years. In 2006, the facility first opened, but at its center was not one, but two supermassive black holes, the distance between which is only 25 light-years. For such an enormous object, it simply negligible.

Taylor argues that for scientists such distance is a wonderful opportunity to monitor the rotation of these objects. Through comprehensive research, says Taylor, will be able to significantly to learn more about the nature of black holes and how they interact with similar objects.

The system of radio telescopes, applied scientists, helps to keep track of even the so-called “gravitational dance” between these black holes. The first pictures of them, scientists have obtained observing the spiral 4C +37.11 for more than ten years. Through research managed to prove that black holes in fact revolve around each other. Making of one orbital revolution they spend at least 30 thousand years. The mass of pairs of black holes of approximately 15 billion more than that of the Sun.


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