Scientists have recorded anomalous behavior of a black hole


Ученые зафиксировали аномальное поведение черной дырыScientists NASAутверждают that of a black hole appeared an unknown object.

Scientists from NASA, thanks to its powerful satellites were able to capture the anomalous behavior of a black hole. According to the astrophysicists of the black hole appeared an unknown object, which may be a new planet.

It is known that a black hole has the ability to suck in everything that is around. Because of the powerful gravity all that a black hole sucks in, can not leave its territory. However, recent data from NASA show the opposite: powerful telescopes Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array caught out of the black hole separates new unknown object, which according to the researchers, may be a new planet.

Professor Fiona Harrison argues that such behavior of the black hole can completely turn all the knowledge of scientists. This emergence of an unknown object could help scientists better understand how black holes operate.


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