Scientists have recorded an asteroid with an unusual trajectory


Ученые зафиксировали астероид с необычной траекторией The property is situated in the Solar system.

In the Solar system has an asteroid 2019 AQ3 moving in an unusual trajectory.

The orbit of the body slightly deviates from the orbit of Venus. The experts have seen times when the body flew closer to the Sun than mercury. The object flies shone for 165 days, which is the shortest period among all known such bodies.

The asteroid was observed on 4 January this year. Astronomers have determined that asteroid flies by some loop outside the orbital plane of the Solar system.

Also, scientists have focused attention on the proximity of the cosmic body. A total of 19 asteroids that fly between the sun and our planet. If they will be affected by the gravity of mercury or Venus, for example, the body can fall to the Ground.

At the moment the dimensions of 2019 AQ3 unknown. According to preliminary information, the diameter of the asteroid is not less than 1.5 km away. the body does the biggest within the boundaries of the earth’s orbit.


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