Scientists have proven the benefits of red wine during the flight to Mars


Substance contained in the grape skin, has a positive effect on the muscles of the mammal in a state of weightlessness.

NASA scientists proved that red wine can help astronauts during the flight to Mars. It is reported online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

The doctors found out that the compound resveratrol, which is found in red wine and grape skin, protects the muscles of mammals with a low level of gravity, or lack thereof. Previously known strong antioxidant properties of the substance.

Scientists conducted an experiment with rats by creating for them a special install simulator to the lack of gravity. The rodents could move freely and interact with other dogs.

After two weeks in “limbo” power of the paws of the rats dropped by about 5-10%, while resveratrol completely or significantly suppressed this effect.

Scientists believe that this result will enable us to create drugs that help the astronauts and cosmonauts to avoid muscle atrophy during the flight to Mars.


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