Scientists have named the types of greens to slow aging


The greenery also helps to look good.

We all know that the greens are necessary, because one improves the digestive system and normalizes blood pressure. Scientists have also recently proven that greenery helps to look good – improve your skin and give it a beautiful, youthful appearance.

This writes the with reference on newsyou.

– The healthy human dermis, the green is Basil, cilantro, dill and parsley. The latter two plants are often found on the tables of Russians, but, unfortunately, many people in our country ignore the rest. Basil and cilantro most people consume very rarely. I suggest to eat these foods as often as possible, because it helps to maintain the skin healthy and taut. The result of this diet will be young and blooming, even in his Mature years, –explained the expert Anna Kravchenko.

Moreover, in parsley vitamin C four times more than the lemon. And Basil is a great source of vitamins E and K. dill also many useful essential oils which is very necessary to the skin.


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