Scientists have named the possible scenarios of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence


Ученые назвали возможные сценарии контакта с внеземным разумом Experts have put forward three hypotheses.

Summarizing accumulated over many centuries of knowledge about extraterrestrial civilizations, scientists have proposed three possible scenarios of contact of mankind with aliens, if any ever occur.

According to the first variant, the aliens just take over the Earth using their technical superiority. They will destroy much of the world’s population, and the remaining people turned into slaves and Guinea pigs. This is precisely the scenario described once the Hg wells novel “war of the worlds”.

The second option is the same seizure of the Land, but only the more mild methods, for example through psychological subordination of people to the will of the colonialists. It is clear that this scenario does not bear anything good to mankind. Not by chance the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has advised scientists of the Earth to send out into the Universe signals in search of brothers in mind: these “brothers” can be far from friendly. And then, the concepts of friendliness and unfriendliness is purely human; it is difficult to find a contact with a completely different mind, say, mollusk, insect, or plants.

The third scenario assumes that we have already are “under the hood” of the aliens. They have studied the Earth, may here conduct some genetic experiments, but to come in contact is not going, we do not come in contact with laboratory mice!..

As you can see, out of all the scientists of the options and none of which would meet the views of the average citizen, expecting someone to come to us with open arms, and the media with a loud “hurrah” to notify the whole world. If you remember, something similar was painted in the past, some fiction, and this fabulous idea has so taken root in the minds of millions of people that can only be marveled…

As for the UFO, they do not agree with the findings of scientists in the main, in their opinion, the contact with aliens has already taken place. And it demonstrates not only the contactees who are becoming more and more, but government agencies of leading countries, particularly the United States and Russia, who act like they know about the universe a lot more than everyone else.

Another thing is that aliens are working with us indirectly, but it is for a good reason. For example, a contactee from Portugal (the name is for obvious reasons not disclosed) said that in the Universe there is a brotherhood of different alien races, but the humans in it is not permitted, since, under the Statute of a higher power, civilization, waging war and aggressive to each other, can not be its members.

In space, says someone who was a “tangle of threads” in a single Matrix, and this Matrix is God, and everything that happens in it is the divine will. And according to this will, until people lay down their arms and stop killing each other, direct communication with other civilizations would be unavailable to them.

Ученые назвали возможные сценарии контакта с внеземным разумом


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