Scientists have named the main threat to humanity from space


Ученые назвали главные угрозы человечеству из космоса A huge threat is the Sun.

The main threats for the Earth and humanity originate from space. And humanity is powerless to stop and prevent this disaster.

Researchers have published a list of threats to the planet Earth.

In the first place are threatened by the Sun. Life on Earth is completely dependent on the Sun, there is a probability that in 5 billion years the Sun will cool down and thus life on earth will end.

The second threat to Earth is the Andromeda Galaxy, which may eventually engulf the entire milky way and the Earth including.

The third threat to life on earth is a black hole which after many billions of years will be able to burn the beams of plasma all life on the planet Earth.

The fourth threat is the stars, the danger lies in the gravitational waves. The stars are rushing with great speed and if they reach earth, gravitational waves would tear the earth into many pieces.

Fifth, the threat of a catastrophic scenario is an asteroid which is already many millions of years ago destroyed the dinosaurs on Earth, and periodically remind about yourself.

As scientists say a deadly asteroid diameter reached more than 10 kilometers. That would destroy the Earth enough asteroid ten times more.


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