Scientists have named the main threat to Europe


Учёные назвали главные угрозы для Европы The first position is occupied by Chinese predatory fish Channa argus.

The researchers found the most dangerous species of animals and plants to the biosphere of Western Europe. The journal Global Change Biology has published the results of a study of the British center of ecology, in which scientists have discovered species of flora and fauna which are the main threats to the biosphere of Europe.

This alien species that was recently delivered to Western Europe, but they are already replacing the animals and plants that lived thousands of years on this earth. The full list includes 66 species, but scientists named the most dangerous representatives.

The first position is occupied by Chinese predatory fish Channa argus, which quickly kills the local water inhabitants. In second place was the Golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei in South-East Asia, which can affect the food chain in fresh water. Next are aggressive Orconectes rusticus crayfish that live in America, and poisonous striped catfish Plotosus lineatus.

An unexpected finding was the green Alga Codium parvulum, the natural habitat of which is the Indian ocean. Sixth and seventh places were taken by Snail onyx and black striped mussel. They are able to survive in extreme conditions, so prevail in certain areas. Complete list of proteins-foxes from North America, which can completely displace Western gray squirrels.


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