Scientists have named the cause of death of the dinosaurs


The disappearance of the dinosaurs led to the fall of a giant meteorite, not a volcanic activity.

Scientists from Yale University in the US came to the conclusion that the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs was the fall of a giant meteorite, not a volcanic activity, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Earlier researchers stated that the death of the dinosaurs could be caused not only by the fall of a comet or asteroid, but a volcanic eruption in the Indian region of the Deccan traps.

As established paleoclimatology, volcanoes in the Deccan traps region (territory of India), impact on the environment long before the mass extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

Volcanic activity in late Mel caused a gradual global increase in temperature by about two degrees, but not mass extinction.

Some species, according to scientists, migrated to the North and South poles, but returned before the collision with an asteroid.

Thus it is a meteor impact was the sole cause of the death of the dinosaurs.

The specialists admit the possibility of error in their conclusions and are ready to reconsider their opinion if there is substantial evidence.


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