Scientists have named another negative effect of Smoking electronic cigarettes


Ученые назвали еще один негативный эффект от курения электронных сигаретIt turns out that liquid Smoking has a serious impact on the healing process.

A group of American scientists conducted a study which has established that ulcers are wounds that can be detected in oral cavity of fans wapow with difficult to treat because of the substance, pour in the device. These studies appeared in the relevant edition.

Scientists conducted a study of the impact of wapow on the healing process and tissue repair and found that the chemical compounds that are part of the aromatic liquid, take the cells energy. It is necessary in the formation of the healing process. In line with this, mouth ulcers heal in a long time, in addition, wounds can occur inside the lungs as the smoke penetrates to the inner tissues of the body without any obstruction, if desired.

Such research scientists have shown that electronic cigarettes carry the same risk as conventional. Also, the experts over a long period of time researching e-cigarettes and have not once warned the international community about their dangers.


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