Scientists have named another danger of global warming


Ученые назвали еще одну опасность глобального потепленияGlobal warming will destroy the most valuable historical monuments of UNESCO

Every fourth world heritage site will be destroyed. The great barrier reef are almost extinct, and the Blue mosque in Istanbul can not withstand the current temperatures.

As of 2019, more than 1000 monuments of human culture and nature, UNESCO world heritage site. However, soon a great part of them may disappear. As stated by scientists, the most valuable historical monuments destroyed by global warming.

If the Earth continues to warm due to human activity and greenhouse gas emissions, it will affect not only the life of civilizations. The most striking example is the Ilulissat icefjord. There eyes melting a huge glacier Sermeq-Kujalleq. This process has accelerated even 10 years ago, and the situation has only worsened.

The government of Greenland has said that the residents of Ilulissat icefjord will be the first to see climate change in action and the destruction is listed in the UNESCO glacier.

Worried scientists for the Yellowstone national Park, which is also in world heritage list. Each year winter in the region becomes shorter, the rivers are warming, the snow falls less. All this destroys the local lakes and wetlands, extending the seasons fires. It is worth noting that Yellowstone is a unique monument of nature. It is a crater from a giant meteorite that destroyed hundreds of years ago dinosaurs. Now literally the entire unique ecosystem of the Park may be lost.

Global warming will raise the level of the world’s waters that flooded the Easter island together with a unique moai statues. All 800 stone statues made in the 13-16 centuries, will disappear, as the last evidence of the existence of the Polynesian society.

According to scientists, every fourth UNESCO site can literally abyss. The heat has already killed half of the corals in the Great Barrier reef, and in the coming years, they disappear altogether. At the same time destroyed and historical buildings such as the Blue mosque in Istanbul.

The Deputy Director of the Program on climate and energy Adam Markham believes that countries need to take care of the monuments of UNESCO, given the index of climate and climate change. So in Majorca people have successfully revived the ancient traditional irrigation system. Scientists are confident that governments will turn to the monuments of attention, and ensure their conservation, although compliance with international environmental standards also remains a critical element.


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