Scientists have named a single cause four types of cancer


The scientists proceeded from the Association of harmful effects.

Common cause of the development of four types of cancer is obesity, which was announced by scientists at the British charity Cancer Research UK. Experts say: obesity is the new Smoking.

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Comparing obesity with Smoking, the scientists proceeded from the Association of adverse effects, reports the BBC. According to them, the excess fat on the body – the same carcinogenic factor and the habit of “pitch” cigarettes.

In particular, they call obesity cause four types of cancer, colon cancer, ovarian, kidney and liver.

“Obesity is the new Smoking, and the national health service can not win the battle with fat bellies alone. Requires the participation of the family, the food industry, the government,” affirms representatives of Cancer Research UK.

The researchers explain that obesity contributes to hormone disruption – in excess of adipose tissue increases the concentration of estrogen and insulin, increases the probability of development of inflammatory processes in the body, which in turn negatively affects the process of cell division. Relying on known scientific data, experts admit that obesity can be one reason for the development of at least 13 types of cancer affecting the stomach, intestines, pancreas, kidneys, Breasts, ovaries, uterus, lungs, bone marrow.


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