Scientists have named a possible cause of melting glaciers in Antarctica


Ученые назвали возможную причину таяния ледников в АнтарктидеUnder the ice of Antarctica may be hot mantle rock

Scientists announced that beneath the ice of Antarctica can be mantle plume – the area hotter than normal breed that can be a possible cause of melting ice in Antarctica.

The hypothesis that under the Land Marie Byrd may be a mantle plume, expressed 30 years ago by scientists from the University of Colorado. It explained some of the features of the region, in particular volcanic activity. However, researchers have questioned this assumption, since the region was still quite thick ice crust.

Now, researchers conducted a simulation of a mantle plume under the Ground, Mary Baird and compared this information with data that were received by satellites of NASA. It turned out that in this region really is a mantle plume that formed in the interval between 50 and 110 million years ago.

Ukrainian scientists said that the ozone hole increases, the wall that protects the Antarctic from the air of the warm latitudes. Her disappearance might cause warming in Antarctica will go even faster.


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