Scientists have managed to create an unusual potatoes and tomatoes


Ученым удалось создать необычную картошку и томатыScientists are not going to stop there

Scientists Research Institute. Weizmann (Israel) propose to increase the beneficial qualities of the vegetables, adding antioxidant-rich pigment betalain to those who by nature are deprived of it.

Pigment betalain protects plants from grey mould fungus, which annually leads to the destruction of grain worth billions of dollars. The study showed that resistance to grey mold from the modified plants have increased by 90%, the activity of antioxidants in tomatoes becomes artificial 60 times.

Scientists are not going to stop there and propose to add betalain to other plants and flowers, and flour.

“Our discovery may in the future be used to enhance the nutritional value of a number of crops,” – said one of the leaders of the study Professor Asaf Aharoni.

Discovery scientists may be useful in pharmacology: when the plants begin to produce betalain, they turn the tyrosine into the transitional chemical levodopa, which can be used to produce drugs, for example morphine.

Technically, the process was as follows: researchers took betalain from the fruit of a cactus, some flowers (e.g., bougainvillea) or vegetables (such as beets) and used to pigment the RNA sequencing and other techniques to identify previously unknown gene. Then they improved the plants with this gene, forcing them to develop betalain yourself.


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