Scientists have made a surprising discovery about the Earth


Ученые сделали удивительное открытие о ЗемлеPlanetary scientists at the University of Cambridge led the study, which confirmed their hunch.

They calculated that the Earth annually “loses” fifty thousand tons.

Previously, scientists noticed that the mass of the planet is regularly updated. On the one hand, it receives extra weight in the form of waste of human life and space debris. But on the other regularly loses the mass of the nucleus. Scientists estimate our planet every year nearly 40 thousand tons of space dust and small fragments of asteroids. By increasing the temperature to grow the size of the planet, which also increases its weight. At the same time, the development of mineral resources and natural processes of evaporation of gases lead to the loss of mass. That actually balances the scales.

Scientists compared the “diet” of the Earth and its satellite. It turns out that the Moon is on the contrary steadily increased the weight by about six thousand tons per year. The thing is, researchers believe, that the moon has no atmosphere and it attracts more debris from space.


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